Lease Options

Net Lease :

The Customer is directly responsible for maintenance, car hire accounting, insurance, and taxes.

Full Service Lease :

Schuylkill Railcar, Inc. will perform all maintenance on behalf of the lessee as well as car hire accounting and Umler work.

Per Diem Lease :

Lessee is responsible for running repairs and Schuylkill Railcar, Inc. will do all car hire accounting and collections of revenue.

Finance Lease/Lease to Own :

Long term lease in which lessee is looking for an asset investment and is willing to perform all maintenance, car hire accounting, insurance, and taxes.

Sale and Leaseback :

Schuylkill Railcar, Inc. will purchase used equipment and make betterments, upgrades, or modifications to the equipment. Schuylkill Railcar, Inc. will then lease the equipment back to the original owner. The original owner may want to purchase the equipment back at a later date.

Lease-In/Lease-Out :

Leasing equipment from a third party (competitor, railroad, or shipper) and subleasing it to fit the customers need.

Acquisitions :

Schuylkill Railcar, Inc. will consider purchasing rail equipment from builders, competitors, financial institutions, railroads, and shippers.